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Main News Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles

Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles

29 February 2024

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The popularity of electric vehicles is growing in the modern world. This mode of transportation is equipped with one or more electric motors, which reduce the harmful impact on the environment. Due to the increasing presence of electric vehicles on the streets, Uzbekistan is deploying a network of special charging stations that will allow safe and convenient charging of electric vehicles without overloading the household grid.

It is advisable to entrust the installation to experienced specialists, which we are. After all, it is important to consider some nuances in the work – requirements for the location and technical characteristics of the charging stations.

We will help you select the necessary equipment, coordinating with your technical requirements.

Advantages of Charging Stations

  1. Equipment control via mobile application.
  2. Stations are made of stainless steel and monolithic high-quality polycarbonate.
  3. Modern urban design.
  4. 24-hour technical support.
  5. Compatibility with all models of electric vehicles.

Charging Station Installation Procedure

  1. Analyze the location

To prepare the site and determine the location for the station, we take measurements and calculations, provide a conclusion on the work.

  1. Select a station

We will help you select the necessary equipment according to your technical requirements.

  1. Enter into a contract

The contract includes a list of works to be performed.

  1. Site preparation and equipment installation.

We carry out installation, cable laying with the installation of an electrical panel. Charging stations are installed.

  1. Connect the station to the mobile application and control system for free.

Users will be able to see the stations in the mobile application. You will have access to a personal account where you can manage station monetization.

  1. Participate in user support.

Service prices depend on the complexity and volume of work performed.

Permit Documentation and Installation Safety

Installation of charging stations is carried out in accordance with electrical safety requirements.

Due to insufficient capacity of the wiring, short circuit and subsequent ignition are possible. Built-in safety measures are applied in electric vehicle charging devices:

– Cable locking during charging.

– Emergency shutdown.

– Built-in sensors that regulate electricity supply and end of charge.

According to regulations, owners of electric vehicles must have a document for the installed charger. Outdoor and anti-vandal enclosures protect the power distribution scheme from external interference.

Why You Should Order Station Installation from Us

You can order the installation of charging stations throughout Uzbekistan from our company at a favorable price with a guarantee. For inquiries about services, call the phone number indicated on the website. Our company supports modern technologies to ensure uninterrupted operation, reduce network maintenance costs, and fast charging of electric vehicles. We are always ready to help with any questions related to project implementation, providing technical and advisory support.

Installation times usually range from 1 to 2 working days, depending on the complexity of the installation and the volume of work performed. Moreover, upon completion of the installation, our qualified specialists will assist you in undergoing thorough training in the safe operation of the charging device.


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