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Main News Effective Integration: ACS, Face ID, CRM, amoCRM, Bitrix, 1C

Effective Integration: ACS, Face ID, CRM, amoCRM, Bitrix, 1C

29 February 2024

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Advantages of integrating ACS, Face ID, CRM and 1C

Integration of ACS, Face ID, CRM and 1C provides companies with a number of advantages:

  1. Increased security: Due to the accurate identification of employees and visitors using facial recognition technology and access control systems, the level of security at the enterprise is increased.
  2. Optimization of business processes: Integration with CRM and 1C allows you to automate customer base management, time tracking and data analysis, which increases business efficiency.
  3. Improving customer service: By integrating with CRM, companies can better understand customer needs and provide them with personalized service.
  4. Saving time and resources: The integration of various systems avoids duplication of data and simplifies information management processes.

System Integration Details

Integration of ACS and Face ID:

Integration of ACS and CRM (amoCRM, Bitrix):

CRM and 1C integration:

Usage example:

Let’s assume that the company uses an access control system based on Face ID technology, integrated with amoCRM CRM and 1C accounting system. When an employee or client passes through the access point, his face is automatically recognized by the Face ID system, and the visit data is recorded in the amoCRM CRM. If this visitor is a customer, his data is immediately synchronized with the 1C accounting system, allowing you to track and analyze his purchases and preferences. If necessary, the manager can access the entire history of interaction with the client and provide him with a personalized service.

These advantages make system integration even more attractive for companies seeking to increase efficiency and competitiveness in the market.


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