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Main News The benefits of solar panels in a private home

The benefits of solar panels in a private home

29 February 2024

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With the constant increase in electricity tariffs, people have begun to think more often about creating their own solar power station. Almost half of the owners use solar panels installed on balconies, roofs, or separate supports in places where there are constant power outages, leaving people without light or without electrification altogether. Autonomous power supply installed by Reshenie.UZ allows living comfortably for a long time, which is cheaper than liquid fuel generators.

Main Advantages of Solar Panels


– Environmental safety. This device does not create vibrations, noise, or environmental pollution.

– This energy source is free and accessible. The natural resource is sunlight, available to every consumer.

– Variety of stations. It can be installed on the roof of a house or as an autonomous power station and in other ways.

– Scientists never stand still. Technologies evolve, and new designs appear.

– Long service life. Solar systems are durable, with a lifespan of 25 years.

– Solar panels, which do not have mechanical elements, are equipped with textured, tempered glass that does not reflect rays. As a result, it collects scattered radiation by more than 15%, withstands wind and hail.

Assortment of Solar Panels

Three types of solar panels are used as an energy source:

  1. In sunny and rainy weather, devices with a monocrystalline module generate energy unevenly, losing power over time. The efficiency of an autonomous power grid based on monocrystalline silicon is 12-15%. The service life of monocrystalline panels is usually no more than 25 years.
  2. To obtain stable power output regardless of sunlight intensity, a polycrystalline module can be used. In addition to other benefits, solar panels based on polycrystalline silicon have a low efficiency coefficient of 9 to 18%, which does not decrease over time, and a service life of about ten years.
  3. Amorphous crystals, with a reduced efficiency of about 6%, are used for flexible plates. According to the manufacturer, the maximum power can decrease by 20-40% over time. The service life of the product does not exceed five years.
  4. Currently, the most efficient are solar heterostructure modules with an efficiency coefficient of 22-25% (throughout their service life). They perform well in cloudy and hot weather.

Key Points When Choosing a Location for Solar Panels

Important aspects when choosing a location for the system:

– Solar panels should be installed in the most illuminated area.

– It is necessary to prevent snow, dust, or small debris from accumulating.

– Ideally, they should be oriented perpendicular to the sun’s rays.

– Reliable fastening is necessary (except for mobile models).

– Sufficient free space should be ensured.

The efficiency coefficient, device reliability, and service life will depend on these factors.

Reshenie.UZ, with extensive experience, promptly carries out installation of solar power stations in Uzbekistan. Our specialists perform the entire range of work: monitor the object, design the energy complex, and carry out high-quality installation work, allowing you to save up to 50% on electricity.


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