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Main News Powder fire extinguishing: Expert’s reasoning on effectiveness and application

Powder fire extinguishing: Expert’s reasoning on effectiveness and application

31 May 2024

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Firefighting is a critical aspect of ensuring safety at various facilities. For decades, engineers and safety specialists have been developing a variety of methods and technologies to fight fires. Powder fire extinguishing occupies a special place due to its effectiveness and versatility. In this article, I will share my opinion on the benefits of powder fire extinguishing and consider where and why it is used.

Principles of operation of powder fire extinguishing

Powder fire extinguishing is based on the use of extinguishing powders discharged to a fire source under pressure. The main components of these powders, such as sodium or potassium bicarbonate and ammonium phosphate, have the ability to interrupt the chemical reaction gorenje. This leads to a quick and effective fire extinguishing.

Why is powder fire extinguishing effective?

One of the key advantages of powder fire extinguishing is its versatility. As a safety specialist, I often come across a variety of conditions in which fires can occur. In such cases, the universal properties of powders turn out to be indispensable. The powder is effective for extinguishing fires of various classes, whether they are solid materials, liquids, gases or electrical equipment.

In addition, the rapid reaction of the powder to fire minimizes damage. When a fire occurs, time plays a critical role. The faster it is possible to suppress the flame, the less likely it is to cause serious damage and injury. Powder fire extinguishing works instantly, which gives a significant advantage over some other methods that may take longer to activate and act.

Safety and environmental friendliness

From a safety point of view, powder formulations have another important advantage — they are safe for people and equipment. Unlike some gas fire extinguishers, the powder does not pose a danger to the respiratory system and does not cause suffocation. This is especially important in enclosed spaces where evacuation may be difficult or impossible.

The powders also have good dielectric properties, which makes them safe for use on electrical equipment. In the conditions of modern offices and manufacturing enterprises, where electrical equipment is used everywhere, this property is crucial.

Application of powder fire extinguishing in various fields

Industrial facilities

Powder fire extinguishing systems play an important role in the industry. Factories where various chemicals and complex equipment are used need a reliable fire safety system. The versatility and speed of powder systems make them ideal for such conditions. In practice, I often see how powder systems help to quickly localize and extinguish fires, preventing significant material damage and downtime in production.


Vehicles such as cars, trucks, trains and airplanes also make extensive use of powder fire extinguishers. Limited space and high density of people and equipment require quick and effective solutions in case of fire. Here, powder fire extinguishers turn out to be indispensable due to their ability to instantly extinguish flames and be safely used on electric vehicle systems.

Public and residential buildings

In public places and residential buildings, powder fire extinguishers are used to protect people and property. In offices, shopping malls and homes, the presence of such fire extinguishers ensures a quick response to emerging fires, which is especially important to prevent panic and ensure the safety of a large number of people.


In my opinion, powder firefighting remains one of the most effective and universal methods of fighting fire. Its advantages, such as speed, safety and the ability to extinguish fires of various types, make it indispensable in a wide range of applications — from industrial facilities to residential premises. In modern life, where safety is becoming an increasingly important priority, the use of reliable and proven fire extinguishing methods, such as powder systems, is an essential element of a comprehensive protection system.


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