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Main News Intelligent security systems

Intelligent security systems

29 February 2024

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An intelligent security system, built on digital surveillance technologies, enhances the quality and capability of ensuring people’s safety. To expand the capabilities of comprehensive security surveillance, additional intelligence modules have been integrated into the surveillance system.

The intelligent security system is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of software for security and surveillance systems. Since 2002, the company has been developing new technologies to transform the market and drive industry development. By studying customer needs, the company develops and installs a new video imaging algorithm based on artificial neural networks. The devices allow for threat detection in real-time and retrieval of archive recordings.

What areas are most promising for comprehensive intelligent security solutions?

Primarily, such systems are designed for large and geographically dispersed companies, transportation hubs, departmental, regional, and municipal entities. Organizations have the option to integrate multiple modules. By acquiring a unified surveillance system, the organization gains maximum benefits:

– High reliability and comprehensive security.

– Flexible management system.

– Comprehensive biometric identification based on facial features, fingerprints, and iris recognition.

How does the intelligent security system work?

– Facial detection, identification, and recognition.

– Detection, identification, and registration of license plates.

– Detection of people movement or vehicle motion.

– Detection and diagnosis of fires and smoke.

– Control over cash zones.

– Monitoring of unwanted items in crowded areas.

– Measurement of traffic and pedestrian flow intensity in specific areas.

– Presence and recording of passage or access to the premises.

What is the algorithm for the intelligent security system’s response?

– An alarm message is sent to the security control panel, which is transmitted to the dispatch station.

– Using a special video data recording mode, the territory of the violation can be thoroughly examined.

– Alarms are triggered, as well as a notification system for individuals in the danger zone.

– Devices (doors and barriers) are blocked or unblocked depending on the situation.

– Special protection is utilized.

Quality installation of ITV in schools or any other facilities ensures reliability and the highest quality. It represents a fully autonomous IP network-based intelligent video surveillance system managed by a personal computer. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and high-quality image with sound recording, motion sensors, and other options, the unified system is highly effective for ensuring security. Equally important is that the company’s specialists can install security systems quickly and qualitatively at competitive prices. Warranty is provided for all services.

According to experts, implementing an intelligent module in facilities with a large number of people and equipment will reduce operating expenses.


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