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Main News Installation of structured cabling systems (SCS)

Installation of structured cabling systems (SCS)

29 February 2024

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In today’s world, for successful business operations, it is essential to be highly efficient in exchanging information with business partners, colleagues, and departments. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine the work of any company without telephone communication, printers, or computers.

Current industrial facilities: commercial, financial, educational, and others, have a complex system of cable channels, which are formed into a unified structured cabling system (SCS). Its basis is the entire infrastructure related to communications (internal network, telephone, internet), with a clear structure and hierarchy. This approach will allow integrating all workplaces in the office into a single network, with the transmission of video images, audio signals, in addition to network parameter settings and data.

It is probable that during the installation of the SCS and the installation of security and fire alarm systems, their integration into one system will be carried out. Compliance with fire safety rules, sanitary standards, and international (or other) SCS standards is ensured at all stages of work. When modernizing equipment, repairing, and other works, SCS installation is usually carried out simultaneously.

Installation Work

After the development of the SCS project, installation can be started, which should be carried out in several stages.

  1. Preparation of the object.

This includes work on drilling walls for laying cable routes.

  1. Installation of pipes, cable trays, and boxes.

Planned activities for installing structures for cable laying.

  1. Wire installation.

When all work on installing trays and cable boxes is completed, wire installation is carried out.

  1. Installation and connection of sockets.

Installation of sockets in boxes or on the wall.

  1. Testing and cross-connection of patch panels

For the installation and termination of cables in patch panels, as well as checking the correctness of their wiring, cross-connection, and absence of interference from power networks.

Methods of SCS Cable Installation

The first option involves using an open method of laying SCS cable, and the second – a closed one.

Concealed laying can be done in the wall, ceiling, and floor, namely:

– Frame and drywall wall structures allow SCS cable to be laid in walls.

– If possible, you can run SCS cable behind a suspended ceiling using a mesh tray.

– Installation of channels passing through wall grooves or trenches is a universal method for interior and exterior finishing.

– Installation of cables inside the false floor is carried out during construction or renovation. This method is suitable for large premises. Connection to sockets is made using special hatches.

Advantages of concealed installation:

– Direct protection of cable routes from side effects.

– Aesthetic appearance.

– All work is done in an individual place.

However, it is not always possible to perform work in a concealed manner.

Many choose the open method. To carry out installation by the open method, special plastic boxes, trays, and vertical columns are required.

A modern company that has SCS as part of its infrastructure is an integral part of its existence. The quality of SCS work is directly related to the parameters laid down in the qualification of the installers conducting the installation. Quality installation is the key to comfort and efficiency in the office.

Specialists of the company are ready to perform SCS installation of any complexity, including the development of project documentation, as well as installation and maintenance of the system in a short time.


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